About Me

Bane Hunter is a global executive in the tech sector and a project and product manager known for his ability to sort through complex matters. He has made a name for himself by consistently delivering real value to the products, methodologies, and processes he works on. Hunter has worked for several high-profile companies during his career, and throughout it all, he and his team have achieved ambitious goals.

Driving Business Innovation Through Transformative Technologies: A Perspective by Bane Hunter

Current Roll and Duties

Hunter is a portfolio executive at a government services organization. With certifications in PMP, Prince2, ITIL, CSPO, and CSM, he is a master at understanding how different projects come together. From scoping out the tasks to coordinating client changes, he’s known for anticipating (and planning for) nearly any scenario. His colleagues and superiors rely on his cool head, quick solutions, and unparalleled organizational strategies.

While on the job, Hunter embraces the principles of Agile/Scrum. This foundation provides ethical guidelines for government-focused teams and gives everyone a solid framework to help them understand who does what and how they’re expected to do it. Hunter has seen how these qualities can transform a team, particularly if the objectives are known to change on a dime. As a professional in the tech industry, he’s accustomed to having to move quickly with the times. Read more about his philosophies in his biography.

Career History

Bane has always been a forward-thinking professional. He drives innovation by learning as much as he can about the core design behind the finished product or service. From fintech to media to venture technology, his grasp on how internal and external factors will affect the final results is unparalleled. Throughout it all, he can see how different resources can be adapted to fit different needs. Whether that’s AI or a team member, his priority is putting the puzzle pieces together for the team’s benefit. At every step of the way, he evaluates the risks of each decision, but he doesn’t let the possibility of failure hinder the project’s progress.

Bane Hunter’s experience in marketing and analytics makes it possible for him to manipulate the data to find the best go-to-market strategies, regardless of whether it’s a B2B or B2C product. If there are questions about technology investments or concerns about how to best allocate the budget, his advice based on concrete evaluations has helped his fellow decision-makers feel confident about the path forward.

Among other roles, he has served as the Chief Product Officer at MTV Networks/Paramount Global, where he designed the first digital protection efforts for Viacom. He would go on to oversee this program, ensuring that valuable content was safeguarded from the wrong parties. Hunter also helped develop strategies for media companies like A&E and Conde Nast.

Academic History

Hunter has earned several degrees alongside his numerous certifications. With an MBA from CSU and a Bachelor’s degree from The City University of New York, his formal education has formed a backbone for his distinct style on the job. He also completed Public Companies: Financing, Governance, and Compliance, an executive program at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver.

During this extensive course, he would cover the fundamentals of governance in a corporate setting, securities law, the function and power of directors, financial statement requirements, company insider obligations, and liabilities, as well as acquisitions and stock options. He uses these lessons every day on the job. He also updates his knowledge of different matters as laws and principles adjust to fit the needs of modern-day businesses.

Professional Skills and Experience

Bane Hunter is adept at taking projects from idea to commercialization. He has been involved with multiple IPO placements, developed eight product patents, and managed several company acquisitions. In every position, he is focused on how growth can be achieved for each product and what that growth would ultimately mean for the stakeholders. This is how he’s managed to achieve truly remarkable ROI across a variety of sectors.

In addition to his technical skills, he’s excellent at functioning in different roles across departments and companies. During an acquisition deal, he has to be mindful of how two groups of people are coming together and how they can find the commonalities that will lead to a more streamlined (and, ultimately, more profitable) integration. No stone is left unturned, from due diligence to financing to sales management. Hunter knows the basics of operational control and the finances behind the deals. EBITDA, P&L management, and capital raising are all areas he’s successfully conquered.


Hunter is proud of his penchant for learning. In addition to his academic feats, he is always learning about what’s new in the markets. He understands how artificial intelligence will likely impact the world, which it will affect the most, and why planning is important. Hunter takes time to understand what’s happening in digital product development, international markets, and patents. He takes time to learn from his mistakes and highlights what he did wrong so he understands how to get it right.

Hunter is known for bringing value to different organizations because he can think about other people as much as he thinks about the bottom line. He is interested in what qualities make a good employee and how success can be a double-edged sword for different individuals. He is also highly involved in charitable work, including veteran advocacy and food insecurity. Bane Hunter has seen how different groups of people struggle when they are facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles ahead. To that end, he is actively attempting to solve some of the bigger challenges facing our country and the world.

Personal Interests

In his spare time, Bane Hunter is an avid reader and lifelong Olympic fencer. Fencing requires discipline and continued improvement in skill, two qualities that Hunter has in spades. If he’s not picking up a book or a sword, he’s likely volunteering for the welfare of veterans, at-risk populations and animals.

Bane Hunter